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wazzup by catgirl2412
ok, im back, A WEEK LATE!!! i am so sorry people who actually look at this gallery, summer came,( i do not upload during the summer probably should've mentioned that... ) and then school game and i told myself i would draw and upload and then i didn't. BUT now i did!!! =)
Just know that I tried my best when drawing this. :| (Blank Stare) 
Sollux by catgirl2412
Let's just say i've been reading Homestuck
Please Know that I tried my best when drawing this.:| (Blank Stare) 
Creeper Dragon! by catgirl2412
Creeper Dragon!
So i liked the idea of a Dragon and a creeper being the same thing so i drew it. ALSO those random squiggles are actually letters from the minecraftian alphabet and they say " CREEPER DRAGON " ( SAY no kidding!!! ) Also, did a speedpaint!!!!:happybounce: But I haven't gotten it together yet, but WHEN I DO, I will be pretty happy with my life. ( Sorry about my absence of uploading and crap, I had the Milestone at school and was sick at some point so then the homework piled up and I didn't have a whole lot of time )
Please Know that I tried my best when drawing this:| (Blank Stare) 
Chapter 1_The Annoying Computer.
Darkness. All around me was a deep black trying to swallow me. And then I was falling, down, down , down. I looked around wildly for a way out, but there was nothing to grab onto; I was going to die. I looked down and saw the ground miles below me, green and grassy and full of flowers of many beautiful colors. At any other moment I would be admiring it, but now wasn’t the time . The ground got closer and closer and then- I woke up. I was panting and trying to remember why, when I heard a noise from my computer. I got out of bed and sat down in front of it. The light from the screen made my eyes sting, but I didn’t mind; This has happened a lot. I logged in and saw an update from my favorite game: “ Minecraft “ I checked it, but underneath the update bar was, nothing. This was confusing; I mean really, some update. I sighed and got back into bed and thought about what could’ve happened, when my computer made another noise. I sat up and said “ Seriously? Shut up. “ but got up and checked it anyway. I was once again greeted by an update from Minecraft. I looked at it, it said “ Come Back “ I was a little panicked and felt butterflies in my stomach. I have read WAY too many fan-fictions to know that this could either be hack that would ruin my life, a hack to just scare me, or a MAGICAL computer message. I quickly dismissed it as a stupid glitch and got back in bed again, by this time, I was going to have a hard time sleeping. So I laid down and tried to think about something nice like chibi enderman playing with creepers or flying. I was soon drifting off to sleep when, guess what, ANOTHER noise came from my computer. I turned over and looked and the computer and said “ WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS YOU BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF CRAP!!! “ I was just so ticked off, all I wanted was a few hours of sleep! I decided the only thing I could do was stay up to fix it, so I got up, AGAIN, and left my bedroom. I went to the pantry in my kitchen and grabbed a few crumpled up bags of chips and cheez – its, then went to the fridge and got some coke. I then went back to my room and pushed a large pile of minecraft, fantasy, and Sherlock books off my desks to make room for my horribly amazing foods and drinks. I sat down and groaned. As much as I love my computer I also love sleep.
Magical Minecraft Adventure
I didn't know what else to call it...... and the 'I' person is Jawa ( oh really? ) I just wanted to try this out, I'm in progress of the 8th chapter right now, but i'm not sure if I'll upload all of these or not. If I do though, that may or may not be neat.:D (Big Grin) 
Just know that I tried my best when WRITING this.:| (Blank Stare) 
Not square... by catgirl2412
Not square...
I forgot to upload something last friday/saturday!!!! CURSE YOU! BUT I did upload this and I did it last minute so it's not the best.... BUT HEY I tried!!!!:happybounce: Hooray for trying their best to accomplish something!!!
Just know that I tried my best when drawing this.:| (Blank Stare) 


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United States
I want to mostly draw Minecraft? But I might draw other stuff.

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Your welcome!!! Your art is very nice. ( sorry I was late to reply! )
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Really? Again, thanks!! xD
(It's fine!)
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